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Bone-in steaks include: T-Bones, Porterhouses, and Rib steaks

Boneless steaks include: New York Strips, Filet Mignon, and Ribeyes Both methods will also come with sirloin steaks, which are boneless.

If you require a different amount per package, please call us. But remember, two packages of "2 steaks per pack" can be opened to equal four steaks. We recommend smaller packages, such as 2 or 3 per pack to reduce overall package size.

If you require a different thickness, please call us. Please keep in mind that the thicker your steaks are cut, you will have less total steaks.


Normal serving size with roasts is approximately half a pound per person.

Some roasts will have bone and fat content. We can select only the "choice" roasts for you and grind the rest into ground beef if you would like. Here is an average amount of choice roasts you would typically get back from a half of a beef: 4 to 5 Chuck Blade Roasts 2 to 3 Chuck Arm Roasts 2 to 3 Chuck English Roasts 2 Sirloin Tip Roasts 1 Rump Roast (Boned and Netted)

Round Steaks

Round steaks are cut at 1/2" thick and packaged "1" per pack.

Cube steaks weigh an average of .5 lbs each and are typically packaged "4" per pack.

Ground Beef / Hamburger

Bulk tubes weigh 1 to 1.25 lbs apiece. The patties are round third-pound patties.

Each patty weighs 1/3 of a pound. A package of ten patties weighs a little over 3 lbs.


Beef short ribs have very little meat on them and are normally "de-boned". They are then ground into hamburger.

Boiling beef is bones that have a small amount of meat on them that can be used in soups and stews for flavor.

Stewing meat is used for just that--stew! If you'd like to keep some, select "yes". This comes from the beef brisket, front plate, and fore shank.


If the producer did not indicate on the drop off sheet to save the offal the offal will be unavailable.

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