Due to the various and multiple ways that you can process Lamb and Goat we ask that you call and speak with us directly.  There are multiple common names used out in the food world that just don’t match up with the actual names of the cuts that are available.  For this reason we ask that you call in your information and speak with us directly.  We can give you what we call a standard cut.  If this will work for you all you have to do is call us and tell us you just want a standard cut or just email us at

R&C Packing, Inc standard cut.

  • Legs are deboned and netted.  “Boned and Rolled”
  • Shoulders are deboned and netted “Boned and Rolled”
  • Loins are sliced 1 inch thick and packed 4 per pack.
  • All trimming is put into ground burger and packed in 1lb packs
  • All product is vaccum packed.